Many of my scores can be found online, for free. If you are interested in something you can’t find, send me an email (though it may be lost forever…)


Text Scores
A Historical Tour of Parking Lots (theater; 2010)
A Very Experimental Christmas Carol (for 2 or more voices, and muzak – 2008)
Between Stone/Flicker (for any number of instruments; 2010)
Borrowed Methods of Photography (For at least two performers playing continuous, complex sounds of the same type; 2010)
Clapping Piece for Choir (For Choir and Audience; theater -2012)
The Collapsible Institution [Included in ‘The Experimental Music Yearbook’ online music journal] (for one or more readers; performative essay – 2011)
Crowded Music [included as part of ‘The People’s Microphony Songbook’] (for human microphone; 2012)
Danger Music for Jake Rosenzweig (theater; 2010)
(Dishes) (for performer with water, objects, and mechanized object(s); 2010)
Duet – something |ˈsəmˌTHiNG|: a thing that is unspecified or unknown (For 2; theater – 2012)
God I F$$king Love Los Angeles [included as part of thingNY’s ‘Spam V. 2.0′] (for instruments; 2010)
The Gossamer Oxus; In Memoriam (for 3 or more players; event – 2010)
Habitual Astronomy (for tuba; 2009)
INeedMoneyBad(ForMomAndDad) (For any number of instruments; 2009)
– Landscape Series (2010): Landscape #1 – For any # of Instruments/Landscape #2 – For any # of Sounds and/or Silences/Landscape #3 – For any number of instruments and soloist/Landscape #4 – For any # of Sounds and/or Silences (2010)
LivingUnderground/BecauseThereWasNoMoney (For Piano and performers; 2012)
Memory Song (for at least 3 voices in any space; 2009)
Minerals (event – 2011)
Music For Sandwich with God-Complex (for performer, amplified instrument, and sandwich; theater – 2009)
One Man Non-Music Band (theater – 2010)
Persistence Hunting (for electrical or mechanical devices with rhythmic pattern(s); 2012)
– Prime Music (audience warm-ups; 2012)
Sleep Tight (for two or more ringing objects; 2009)
Stealing (for Michael Pisaro) (for instruments; text with field recording realizations – 2012)
Swallows [included as part of ‘The Library of Sacred Technologies’] (event – 2010)
To Dream At Sea (for any number of mobile instruments divisible by three; 2008)

a ‘beheaded sun’ (for Trumpet in b-flat, trombone, marimba, piano, violin, violincello; 2009)
Essay: The Situation is The Title of The Piece (Mvt 1) (for Chording instrument; simplified traditional notation – 2012)
To Sleep at Sea (for viola, piano, and tape; 2007-8)
– Tribute to Andy Kaufman (For 8 Coughers; 2006)
– Yucatan Round [commission as part of the wulf.’s ‘Rounds’ recording project] (voices; 2012)

Mixed Notation
-…And Man Made World… (for violin, viola, violincello, contrabass, guitar, harp, piano, percussion, trombone, trumpet, french horn, bassoon, clarinet, oboe, flute; text/graphic – 2008)
326 Breaths (for flute; graphic/traditional (notation mimics flute fingering charts)  – 2010)
A Bright Future Awaits You… (For Oboe and Tape; text/graphic – 2010)
An-ar: A Performative Lullaby (for piano, radio, and voice; 2010)
Build A Machine (For Conductor and at least 3 players Playing different families of Instruments; text/graphic – 2009)
– California Birthday Song (For viola and two ringing objects suspended on a string; traditional/text – 2009)
Following Music (For Emilie Sabath; Text/Graphic -2011)
For Anne LeBaron (for 3 violins and 1 trombone; traditional/graphic – 2011)
– Four Miniatures (2010) [commission from Machine Project as part of their ‘Little William Theater Festival of New Music’]: Inuksuit (For two clarinets, one b-flat and one bass; text/graphic), Cairn (For two violins; text/graphic), Stupa (For two tubists; text/graphic), For Bad Brains (for two accordionists; text)
Four Sleeps (For Struck Objects With Decay; text/graphic – 2012)
Indian Run: Mvt. 1-To Establish Possession Of An Abandoned City, Mvt. 2-Does A Javelin Thrown Against The Door Suffice?, Mvt. 3-Or Must The Door Be Touched By A Finger… (For string Orchestra; graphic/text – 2009)
Mark So (or) An Unsolicited Piece for Trio Kobayashi (for French Horn, Bass Trombone, Tuba, and Inflammatory Talk Radio; text/graphic/traditional – 2011)
Melody Series (White House Melody) (For two or more melodic instruments with the same overlapping ranges, and white noise; text/graphic – 2008)
My wound existed before me (for solo bowed instrument; graphic/text – 2009)
Ocean_Chord622 (for 4 clarinets of the same type; traditional/graphic – 2011)
Philip, Crystal, and Thomas Krawchuk (for 5 simple sound-making devices (with action and sound separated by at least 1 step; text/graphic – 2010)
Rats In The Walls (For any number of instruments/objects; text/graphic – 2008)
Strong Objects Of Inconsistent Color (for 2 or more contrabasses; text/traditional – 2011)


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